OldFIRE2029 attempts to chronical a seismic shift in my thinking — instead of thinking of retiring one day prior to death, I have decided to become financially independent and be able to retire early (FIRE); well, as early as one can when they are already in their late 40’s (and in my case that will make me 59). As the runway┬áin front of me appears shorter than behind, it is time to shift.

There is already a fabulous FIRE community and many resources, that I have been stumbling upon as I read blogs, listen to podcasts, etc. However, one thing I haven’t found is someone like me. Someone older, who has been a saver without a means to an end. Most FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early) folks are young (like in their 30’s). I applaud them for their courage in telling the system to f*** off — they are my financial heroes and role models.

This is my journey as told by me. These are my learnings and my mistakes as interpreted by me. Sorry if I sound bitter, and I am.